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Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend and earn up to $1000

Perform is always looking for good quality candidates and if you know someone who is looking for a new role we offer up to $1000* for referrals which result in a placement to a full-time permanent role.

To refer a candidate please send their name, phone number, email address and a brief summary of their skillset to us at

*In order to be eligible for the referral fee:

  1. The referred candidate must be placed in a full-time permanent role by Perform Recruitment within 6 months of the referral date.
  2. A $1000 referral fee will be payable on all roles with a base salary of at least $75,000 per annum, whilst a fee of $500 will be payable for all roles with a base salary lower than this figure.
  3. The referral fee is payable to the Referrer once the referred candidate has been employed in this new role for 6 months and it is the Referrer’s responsibility to declare this payment in your annual tax return. The referral fee is paid by direct bank transfer to an Australian bank account.
  4. The Referral must be made with the permission of the referred candidate.
  5. The fee is not payable if the referred candidate is already known to and registered on the Perform Recruitment database; or if either the referred candidate or the referrer provides any false information or omits any information which, if known or disclosed, would have caused Perform Recruitment not represent that candidate to clients.
  6. Referrals can only be made by private individuals, not commercial organisations or employees or relatives or friends of employees of Perform Recruitment.